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wham bam

April 27, 2009

just scored 9 out of 10 on this font quiz!

i’ve always loved the alphabet and been keen on fonts…


Are you a good eyeballer?

February 18, 2009

A bit off-topic, but I just found this game online from blogger How About Orange, it’s an online quiz testing your eyeballing skills as in, “find the midpoint of this segment”, or “make this into a parallelogram”. I scored a 4.8 or something, which is relatively good compared to the last 100 people who took the test. Try it!


February 16, 2009

Buttons!  They are little, and often cute.  I thought these were a cute/funny pair…

I’m not married, but I would imagine my future husband and I would be described something like this:

More on cupcakes…

February 16, 2009

A week or so ago I purchased a two mini cupcake pans, with the dream of creating many mini delicious cupcakes.  I have not used it yet, as I got sidetracked with the bread pan I bought at the same time, and made delicious bread instead.

Anyway, here’s some mini cupcake inspiration, and while I doubt I’ll be creating a mini cupcake tower for a wedding, it is still neat to look at:

Someone should have a birthday or something, so I can get started on cupcakery!

Baby Beers

February 16, 2009

This weekend, the boy and I took a trip out to the Oregon coast.  I’ve lived in Oregon for a little over a year now and I had still not yet been to the coast up here, so we finally got around to it, coincidentally on Valentine’s Day.  We hit up the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook and had cheese and ice cream there, we walked along the shore in Pacific City, we toured the ‘downtown’ of Seaside, and finally went to dinner in Astoria.  While the service at the Wet Dog Cafe was subpar, they did have the ol’ beer sampler available, which of course I wanted to try.

Here’s a pic of some of the beers we had:

little beers

This picture is supposed to show scale, perhaps unsuccessfully…


I tasted them all, but being not a real beer drinker, 4oz of their pumpkin brew was perfect for me.  Cheers!

Cupcake Bites

February 15, 2009

As if cupcakes weren’t cute enough on their own that is, being miniature cakes, here are some miniature cupcakes to marvel at via Bakerella:

Tiny Lists

February 14, 2009
tiny lists

tiny lists

Personally, I’m a big fan of making lists.  Shopping lists, to-do lists, lists of things that make me happy, lists of cool words, ideas of what i want my next Halloween costume to be, future tattoo ideas, etc.  These index card sized lists are perfect for making lists on the fly, just as long as you don’t have more than 12 items on your list.  Maybe they’re made to be hourly planners?  Either way they fit the bill of being little and cute 🙂

Pocket Candelabra

February 14, 2009

I’ve always loved matchbooks and matchboxes, and so when I first saw this little “matchbook” filled with mini candles my jaw dropped, it’s so flippin’ clever.  Now you’ll be prepared for birthday celebrations at any moment.  Loves it.

I think I just need to work in the appetizer business

February 14, 2009
Mini crudite appetizers

Mini crudite appetizers

Look at these adorable veggie appetizers, via Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine!  I’d definitely eat more vegetables, perhaps even willingly eat bell peppers if they were displayed like this.  Sidenote: I love breadbowls, but the clam chowder which usually comes inside of them – not so much, so I’m really digging the use of bread as a mini bowl here.

And here are more little edible bowls, Martha offers up these little ice cream waffle cone bowl bites.  Mmmm!

Hello world!

February 14, 2009

This is the first post of Little and Cute, a blog dedicated to showcasing things- little and cute!